『☆ Circle Lenses 2 ☆』

So here is the 2nd part of the circle lens post. 
In 2010/ 2011 I decided to purchase new, different circle lenses. Although the first ones were REALLY uncomfortable [
I chose the brand GEO again because it is famous for it's quality.
This time I went for GEO Angel Blue & Geo Angel Green.
The difference between the GEO nudy series and the GEO Angel series is the size. It has a diameter of 14.5mm plus a thick black outer ring, so it should REALLY enlarge the eye.
Buuuut it doesn't. 

Here is a picture with NATURAL light(!)


My rate is:

GEO Angel Blue:

Colour: 5/5

Enlargement: 3/5

Comfort: 4/5

To come to the other lens. . . since I REALLY prefer green over blue eyes I wore these quite often. The thing is, although the blue one is really vibrant AND comfortable the green one isn't. The colour doens't look vibrant, it look too unnatural and is sooo uncomfortable. 



GEO Angel Green:

Colour: 2/5

Enlargement: 3/5

Comfort: 1/5

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『☆ Circle Lenses ☆』

So this entry is about circle lenses.
To begin with circle lenses are coloured contact lenses with a quite big diameter to enlarge your iris. They come in many different colours, sizes and various patterns.
You can mostly recognize them on asian (girls).

So I purchased my first pair in 2009, which was a black one from GEO. I don't remember the exact name of the lens because I remember I wasn't that satisfied with it. It came out too small for me. Almost the same size as my natural iris but somehow too dark and looked alienish. (Maybe because I only wore them with a little makeup since I didn't use that much makeup when I was 15. So I guess it would look good with darker eyeshadow, a thick eyeliner and maybe even fake lashes.)
And this is what they looked like:


At the same time I purchased the Geo Nudy Blue. These lenses look a BIT more natural since there is no thick black outer ring to give the eye that extra large effect. Also it's only 14mm in diameter.
Although I disliked them I accidently repurchased them again this year, so here is a new photo of me with them:


Both of these lenses are SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! It huuurts too much!


GEO Nudy Blue:

Colour: 3/5

Enlargement: 1.5/5

Comfort: 2/5

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✿ School is out forever!✿

Wow. . . it's been such a long time since i posted something here.
The reason for it is tumblr for sure! Also it was my last year in high school and i needed time to study (. . .ok that one was a lie right now )
So i graduated a few months ago and spent all my time to make applications for university since i was really disappointed by my final score.
However, i received sooo. . . many admissions i couldn't believe! (My mom told me "the only reason they took you is that you are only 17. not your marks! they were horrible " - thanks mommy TT___TT
So since i had too many admissions for many different majors i had to decide. To be honest, that was one of the hardest decisions in my life until now. maybe the hardest and i'm still not too sure if i made the right or wrong decision. ?? ???
The final two were Law and Civil Engineering. After a long pro and contra i'm finally majoring in civil engineering.
Hope it was right! (^__~)V

And here's a picture of my very last "day of school". On that day there was a truck on the schoolyard. We found out the school wanted to throw away old books and so on. Guess who went INTO that truck! Hahahaha ~


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☆ Super Mario 64

Good that I'm on summer holidays... I spent so much time playing this classy game of every 90ies kid's childhood

SM64 Cover

I remember spending hours over hours with a tone of friends in a little room with this game! That was real life!
Good old times...

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☆ Mixstyle Star Headphones ☆

Have you ever tried being an Ulzzang but totally failed? Do you enjoy listening to Kpop or Jpop music when your going outside? Then you should really think about getting one of those mixstyle star headphones.

Reasons you should get them:
You are Ulzzang but don't have them
You try too be Ulzzang
You listen to Asian music
You pursue a typical Asian style
You just want to listen to music with fashionable headphones
You have a fringe [it will really make it pop! ]

And this is what they look like:


By the way... there are also other colours available on the internet. You can buy very cheap ones from ebay or go and ask in a local store. Personally I want to get these ones:


*___* ... so let's see when and how I'll get them

tag : star headphones mixstyle ulzzang fringe asian hair style fashion 2011

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