Kimi no Happy Birthday ☆

01/25/2011 It's his 16th birthday.
Whom? My male best friend's!
Unfortunetelly my best friend (Julia as you might remember ) couldn't bake him a cake or at least muffins ... that's why we will have to make good for it... ON THIS COMING WEEKEND! [Yes Julia, I decided so! You & I will bake something this week! Weather you like it or not!]
Oh and dear birthday boy this song is for you!

And to come back to you, Julia!
CHOCOLATE SOUP© [Now you can't do anything about this word! It's under my copyright ]

Frontier Chocolate Soup
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Betten Universum  Betten

Betten Universum  Betten

How funny is that?
I just read this German blog entry about different kinds of "beds".
The point is... I just woke up and it's 10:12 pm at a SATURDAY! xD
So that was how my weekend started.. on Fridays I usually have some classes until 6 pm so I arrived home at maybe 6:45. I was all tired becomes of the exams I wrote in the last week. However, a few friends phoned me and asked if I'd come and join a party or so. I rejected. "WHAT?? YOU?? REJECTING A PARTY?? NEVER!!" ... That was their reaction (because usually I'm known as someone latelly ever sleeping or missing a party). But.. HEY it's about -8°C outside plus snow! So I really stayed at home and went to bed at 8:00 pm AT A FRIDAY! x'D
With the heating on and 3 blankets + the kitten in my bed. LOVELLY
Same I did today... went to bed at 5 pm and stood up at 8 .. phoned and went to bed again.. now I woke up again xD
To come back to the the "Betten" (the "beds").
I'm of Persian heritage and I really didn't know it was us who invented the waterbed. Tribute to the old Persians ^O^
But still to be honest opinion about waterbeds isn't that positive. They might be pleasent for a while but I'm not sure about it's orthopedical health... (What I can tell you: Persians REALLY don't care about health as long as they do enjoy)
Also for myself.. I prefer a harder mattress. I even can sleep on the floor (I do need a sheet underneath.. that's clear I think x'D).
And I remember there was a time I even wanted a Futon. But my mom was absolutelly against it. So I never got one -.-
Back in my childhood I had a bunk bed but without a mattress downstairs. Instead I put there my desk and so on hahaha. The whoooole bed was full of Pokémon, Digimon (!), Detective Conan and One Piece stickers. x'D I think I still have pictures of it. I'll post them if I'll find.

sleep well
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This one is one for that creepy girl ...

Creepy guuurl! [aka. best friend ]
You doing good?
I just wanted to let you know that this funny situation last week was a real waste! A waste of time, engery and nerves. And I'm really sorry about making 3 [actually it was 4... but to be honest it is even 2 x'D] beloved and actual close people cry because of really NOTHING!
I really dunno how you could even IMAGINE of me actually wanting to "break up"... Howcome you didn't know that's time for me to freak again. x'D I mean... you KNOW me. YOU really do. About others.. I'm not sure. But you do. And I sure the timing was also very bad but still.. HOW COULD YOU? HOW COULD YOU THINK THAT?
Oh looord... x'D wake up dude! It's ME! I'm the most moodiest person in this whole wide world (that's a wordplay with "WWW" - world wide web x'D haha I'm funny, am I not?) and I SO OFTEN say things I actually dun mean but say because of a simple and disturbing MOOD or awkward situation... DUUUDE! "If I ain't got you I ain't got aaaanything" - Kevin Michael ;D
Stupid thing.. xD
Well somehow I can imagine why you had thoughts like that... it was not only me but your whole situation plus me talking like "you exactelly know how easily I can say goodbye to friends... look at that girl I left behind!"
But just for you to calm down... I think it's been quite a while since I said/ thought so. It's not that way anymore. I know my good friends and I wouldn't let them go THIS easily. When I said so my brain was a BIIIIT smaller I think x3
So don't you worry... next time things like that will come out of my mouth (and we both know they WILL .. because "I'm the moodiest person in this world") just act like "Ok.. She's in that mood again.. stupid, little, histeric thing"
Oh.. by the way I realized I really look like an explosing fat hamster .
So much to that! x'D
And don't you cry over stubborn girls like me again!


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New White Piano ! ☆

Dudes! ~
I know I forgot to post the pictures of the Baltic Sea... maybe I'll do later!
But loooook!
My dad bought me a new, second piano!
[Thanks daaad!]
I already had a piano before. A REALLY REALLY old one... it's nearly antique I think x'D hahaha. Well... the old piano works and it looks beautiful... Also the sound is very loud and nice! The only problem is that I usually come home late after a day of school so I can't get the earlier hours to play the piano (because of the neighbours ^_^).
That's why they bought me a new piano (WHITE!!!) piano which is now in my room (the old one is in the living room). The difference is: it is a electric piano!
So I can come home late, plug my headphones and play piano and the only person hearing it is myself!
I think that's pretty cool!

& here's the piano!

[click on image for a full view :3]

white piano korg

white piano korg

tag : white piano korg electric ashita no kioku sheets music dorin

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I don't care if Monday's blue... ♪ =D

You know the song "Friday I'm in Love - The Cure" ? hahaha I think so... it's an oldie.
I just listened to it :P I like that song! But not THAAAT much.
By the way... what do you think about Spain... our new world champion? -.-
... For me Germany is the world champion! x3
Oh dude...
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