☆ Super Mario 64

Good that I'm on summer holidays... I spent so much time playing this classy game of every 90ies kid's childhood

SM64 Cover

I remember spending hours over hours with a tone of friends in a little room with this game! That was real life!
Good old times...

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This is what you call 「Japanese Lesson」 ?

Today I went to one of my two Japanese classes (the one which also will be counted in my A-levels) and what?
We played games all day ... with some weird Japanese retro action figures. There were for example
Ruffy and Sanji , some Sailor Moon & DoReMi chibis and tones of Hello Kitties in almost any colour of the shiny rainbow.
We played ジャンケンポン「janken pon 」which is scissors-paper-rock in English. Same rules, same game.
However, there was also a blank sheet which should be filled with Kanji ... what the figures where about I didn't get because the group and I were obsessed with those Kanji haha
So what if you're finished with those Kanji and dun want to play "janken pon" anymore?
I decided to go aroung class and collect those cute Hello Kitties... unfortunetelly most of them were in use at that time... that's why I just managed to get 4 of them.
This might sound boring... but if it happens in an ordinary boring Japanese lesson you'll really be happy about it.
So here are the Hello Kitties
[click on image to get full size]






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『Tokyo ima nanishiteru?』

Do you know the song「Tokyo K1」by Kazoku?
I just listened to it... it sooo reminds me of last year... Because last year in THIS moment I was in Tokyo.
I also droped some tears to that song...
Omg... I've never missed a place like I miss this city.
I know... it might sound stupid to most people... but I really LOVE that place.
And I'm SOOOO looking forward to next summer! Why? Because I'll be back then!! Back in TOKYO! ^ O ^
Tokyo... Sure Germany is my birthplace... but Tokyo is what I call "home"!
And this time I'll be older --> P A R T Y
The best thing is... I won't go with my dad again but with my friend!
I still just can't believe I'll see those beloved streets and places again in about 12 months! >///<

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Street Fashion - Spring 2010 ☆

It's getting warmer by now and it seems like spring is finally arriving
[By the way... today is St. Patrick's Day in Ireland ]
So it's time to think about the latest fashion and make up !
This winter I wore casual dark brown ALMOST top boots with classic golden buckles. So NOT knee-length! Although top boots were in this winter but I think they are a bit too slutty. (Also my school is very conservative). But somehow I created a whole in them... so I couldn't wear them in snow. (They were expensive.)
So I wore almost only my other new boots (not so expensive one from H&M). They are black and look very military (I think nearly all of you know those boots were a must have in winter 2009/2010!)
But German people usually aren't so fashionable and some friends even said I'd look as if I was about to join the army hahahaha
But it's ok... I know Germans are out of fashion! (extremly! 'course not all of them.. but our city isn't that big so what else could you expect.) And I'm still wearing those kinds of boots!

Now back to Spring 2010!

Boots/Shoes: still military boots in brown, white or black; heels in 50th look - of course not completelly 50th! Maybe in black with some rivets or something

Pants: dark blue, black, grey - tight denims (could be washed-out); those leggins which look like jeans (I personally doesn't like 'em); light blue shorts (darker blue IS also wearable) with wide thighs (not too wide!); you can also wear high-waist shorts/ skirts again

Shirts & so on: white, light blue, rosé, peach, mint (? - if you're brave!) - wide! because our panties are so tight again ; BUT if you're wearing blouses you ALSO can wear them tightly (if you're the more casual and conservative one, or just as a relief)

Jackets (or things like that x'D): blazer! blazers are a must have again but you can choose: weather you wear those long and wide ones (maybe in black or very dark blue/ grey) or very short ones about 'till your waist (in the same colours) [personally don't like 'em]
I dunno.. but I'm gonna wear a trench coat again this year! :D

Accessoirs: long and sparkling necklaces (silver or gold for example); glases - I think nerd glasses are still wearable but I also like another kind of nerd glasses: brown and not SO big (can't find a picture to show you)

Make Up: There are again two different types of make up...
1. The pastel make up! I really really LOVE this one. It consists of very pale base and almost white POWDER! (the powder is important!), peachy, baby pink or mint green eyeshadow, MAYBE an eyeliner (above your eyes!), white eyeliner in the waterline, not SO black mascara (but I still use VERY intensive mascara!), a rosé or aprico touch of blush on the apple of your cheeks and a very pale babypink lipstick (or gloss)
2. The "Ms Perfect" make up: base and powder in your tone of skin (or a bit paler maybe), perfect and intensive eyebrows (!), RED lipstick (or gloss) [there are different types of red lipstick for every skin/ hair type], eyeliner above the eyes, eyeliner under the waterline, (if you like whit eyeliner in the waterline... I always use it to brighten the eye), a fitting blush (not too intensive) and very black mascara. This look shows your eyes AND your lips! (I wouldn't use that daily... but for going out)

Hmm... if I remember something else I forgot I'll post it
And if there's something you wanna add, just tell me

tag : street fashion spring summer 2010 germany tokyo shibuya make up

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Midterm Break (?)

Today I finished my last Japanese lesson for this term. (<3)
At least I finished the lessons of my advanced Japanese class. (Because I taking part in two Japanese classes.. one is advanced and one is not. And I finished the advanced one.)
That means I've got kinda a break 'till February. Then I'll start the 4th term of it :P
My other Japanese class is still at the first term.. but it's another kind of class. You learn quite different, so it is a completement and it also appears in my school certificate. But to be honest... the school class for the Japanese lessons is useless!
If I wouldn't have at least some precognition from the USEFUL (but expensive) Japanese class I wouldn't understand anything the teacher wants to say!
But I'm happy to have the 3rd Class finished and happy that I got the certificate.
But at this point I really need to ask those Japanese why? WHY? Why do you want us foreigners to fly in pieces by your Kanji?
You won't make it anyway! xP I'll do it! I'll master those important Kanji! I promise =P

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