Weekend again !

Aaaah... it's weekend again ^____^ V
and i wanted to apolgize for me not blogging 'till today...
i was REALLY busy with school this week... but it all went good
*_____* <== this is how i looked when i got my grades
so much to that...

because i was so busy i couldn't watch the new episodes of :
- Ohitorisama
- My Girl
- IRIS (omg.. just forget me watching this..v___v)

i just watched Ohitorisama ep 3 (there is already ep 4 o___ò... shame over me x'D)
well i liked it.. i think it was funnier than the other two :) (though i like them as well)
but OF COUUUURSE there is NO drama ep without me crying.. x'D
you know at which part i cried? the part where that school girl started to remind her away ran mother... TT____TT

omg.. i still need to go on watching My Girl... AFTER THE NEXT EXAMEN >=D

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「マガーリ」 My Girl (Asahi TV)

Let's talk about My Girl [again !]

well i only watched ep 1 - 3 [because the rest isn't on the internet yet. at least not with subs] so i just keep waiting. ^__^ V
But for those who are fans of our Aiba-Boy, i can tell you MUST watch it. haha.. and like usually i need to cry with every episode x3 [that's me].
You all might know it already but for those who don't:
The story is about Kazama Masamune (Aiba Masaki) who had a girlfriend at highschool. suddelny she (Yuko played by: Tsukamoto Yoko) broke up with him and never had contact with him again.
then - 6 years later - Masamune kun finds a sad, little girl who's named Kazama Koharu (Ishii Momoka). They play and talk when Koharu chan asks Masamune about his name. she tells him that he's her father and talks about her mother who died. Masamune kun meets Koharu chan's grandmother and talks to her. after a while Koharu chan & Masamune kun decide to live together. but that's easy to say...

myyy girl

our loved Aiba Masaki []

Koharu chan & Yoko

For those who can't wait untill the 11/11/09 (next week) for the new Arashi single release 「My Girl」 [opening of the dorama as well, of course] here is the opening:

tag : aiba masaki koharu chan masamune kazama my girl マガール asahi

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【Koishite Akuma 】

Hmm.. it's 10:47 pm ... the day is almost over and my knee hurts
but i'm fine
wel l... yesterday [or was it the day before ?] i finished Koishite Akuma. it was sooo sad ! i cried and cried
but that's normal for my person x'). [i think i cried with almost every episode ...]
to put it all in a nutshell, Nakayama Yuma [] acted REALLY good! this guy has got acting skills! [especially when you think of his age ... he's 15 ... 15 !!!] i think he'll play more leading roles in doramas or even movies in the future [he's gorgeous, isn't he? ]
so the dorama is about a vampire [yes ... Yuma !] who once was a friendly, open, and heartmelting [human] boy. after he was biten by a vampire he woke up 10 years later and forgott everything about his human life. he needed to suck his fated woman's blood to survive. after biting this woman would also turn into a vampire so both of them could live together forever. Ruka [the vampire ... Yuma] accidently went to a school where his "girlfriend from human" times worked as a teacher [remember ... it's 10 years later]. because Ruka wouldn't grow, he still looks like a teenager.
after a while he got back his memories of the "teacher" as his girlfriend and she got hers back, too. [she thought he died 10 years ago in the ocean. after that she never fell in love again and always remembered him].
the two of them fell in love again but then she noticed him being a vampire. Ruka didn't want to suck her blood and turn her into a vampire [he thinks that eternity must be lonely]. she tried to change his mind, because she didn't want him to die.

in the end:

he didn't. he didn't suck her blood and turned into dust and was gone forever ...

tag : koishite akuma nakayama yuma ruka ruka-ni rukani vampire

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wow.. it's really been a "loooong" time since i wanted to post about Arashi - My Girl (Single) and "My Girl" (Dorama) in which Aiba takes part... AS THE LEADING ROLE (^__^)V
but i'm sorry.. lately i'm so busy with school...
i promise to post it by friday
examen over examen.... so tired of that !
this week it's chemistry ... next week again politics and japanese.. a week later biology... and so on.. and so on ... [it's freakin' me out !]
another thing i wanted to write about is the dorama "Koishite Akuma" with Yuma [ whom i'm ABSOLUTELLY falling for at the moment ]
he's soooo adorable, cute, young, talented .... [aren't all of the Johnny's like this ?]
however... i really love this dorama..
next i wanna start the Korean dorama "IRIS" [my friend forces me.. x,3] but i think it'll be ok.. 'cause lately... T.O.P plays in it *___*
[also a Big Bang fan x'3] ... wow i outed myself x3 !
so that's for today.. gonna talk about this topics soon :D

My Girl Screening :)

my girl

Yuma Nakayama in Koishite Akuma (as an adorable vampire x3)


tag : my girl (asahi) asahi dorama single release 11 koishite akuma

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