sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana ♡

Such an old song <3
It just stuck on my brain... you propably know the song by SMAP
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Personal current songs :D ~

Poor me is still going down in the last school terms exam and so on...
So for the few little minutes in day I can relax, I usually listen to :

NYC - Yuuki 100%
Kiyoshi Hikawa - Shamisen Tabigarasu
Matsushita Yuya - You [no youtube link, 'cause the song'll be realesed in 4 days]
B2ST - Take care of my girlfriend (say no)

omg... especially the last song is really hard for me... but I really adore it! Also it is underlined by the ARASHIC (stormy) weather here :3
The other songs I listen to are some of the older Arashi stuff!
Also I listen to some Elvis Presley stuff currently... (like usual )
And some non-Asian music which I listen to right now is:
K`naan - Waving Flag
Die Atzen Frauenarzt & Manny Marc - Atzin
Train - Hey, Soul Sister
Benny Benassi vs. MBrothers - TreblesTrebles/ Never stop
B.O.B. feat. Bruno Mars - Nothing on You (covered by Urbangermany)

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2 Personal new Topsongs ~

___ There are two songs which I just can't get rid of!
One of them happily is JAPANESE (and not Korean, this time ). It's a JOHNNY'S song hahaha
This song is the theme song of the new dorama Hidarime Tantei EYE in which our two Johnny's guys Nakayama Yuma [] and Yokoyama Yu (Kanjani8) act [emoji:e-266. I really love the two of them. They also acted together in Koishite Akuma (the scene with Yu & Yuma was pure love!)
Now back to the song... the dorama theme song isHitomi no screen by Hey! Say! JUMP

The other song I really LOVE actually IS Korean again (a really big gomen to the Johnny's fans who might think I'm overdoing with Korean stuff )
It's 2AM - 잘못했어 (I did you wrong)

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☆ 「Tokei Jikake no Umbrella コッメント  | Tokei Jikake no Umbrella - Comment」 ☆

Omg... did you note that??
Tokei Jikake no Umbrella - Arashi has a similarity with Taiyou no Namida - NewS
not the melody of course... that's quite different!
but the LYRICS !
the thing with the weather... the rain.. the love... and the UMBRELLA !
and the... "...I'm gonna go to you with the umbrella..." or "... You and me under the umbrella..."
i don't know...
somehow i really like both of the songs :)
the melodies... the lyircs... and so on

tag : news taiyou no namida favorite song johnny's arashi tokei jikake

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