『☆ Circle Lenses 2 ☆』

So here is the 2nd part of the circle lens post. 
In 2010/ 2011 I decided to purchase new, different circle lenses. Although the first ones were REALLY uncomfortable [
I chose the brand GEO again because it is famous for it's quality.
This time I went for GEO Angel Blue & Geo Angel Green.
The difference between the GEO nudy series and the GEO Angel series is the size. It has a diameter of 14.5mm plus a thick black outer ring, so it should REALLY enlarge the eye.
Buuuut it doesn't. 

Here is a picture with NATURAL light(!)


My rate is:

GEO Angel Blue:

Colour: 5/5

Enlargement: 3/5

Comfort: 4/5

To come to the other lens. . . since I REALLY prefer green over blue eyes I wore these quite often. The thing is, although the blue one is really vibrant AND comfortable the green one isn't. The colour doens't look vibrant, it look too unnatural and is sooo uncomfortable. 



GEO Angel Green:

Colour: 2/5

Enlargement: 3/5

Comfort: 1/5

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『☆ Circle Lenses ☆』

So this entry is about circle lenses.
To begin with circle lenses are coloured contact lenses with a quite big diameter to enlarge your iris. They come in many different colours, sizes and various patterns.
You can mostly recognize them on asian (girls).

So I purchased my first pair in 2009, which was a black one from GEO. I don't remember the exact name of the lens because I remember I wasn't that satisfied with it. It came out too small for me. Almost the same size as my natural iris but somehow too dark and looked alienish. (Maybe because I only wore them with a little makeup since I didn't use that much makeup when I was 15. So I guess it would look good with darker eyeshadow, a thick eyeliner and maybe even fake lashes.)
And this is what they looked like:


At the same time I purchased the Geo Nudy Blue. These lenses look a BIT more natural since there is no thick black outer ring to give the eye that extra large effect. Also it's only 14mm in diameter.
Although I disliked them I accidently repurchased them again this year, so here is a new photo of me with them:


Both of these lenses are SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! It huuurts too much!


GEO Nudy Blue:

Colour: 3/5

Enlargement: 1.5/5

Comfort: 2/5

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[Circle Lenses - 2nd Round ? (0_0)]

When it comes to circle lenses people get divided into 3 categories...

1st. Those who think about the "high risk" and "big damages" of them.
2nd. Those who are like "YAAAY I CIRCLE LENSES \(^o\) (/o^)/ "
3rd. Those who are absolutelly against them and think they look fake, exaggerated and doll-like.

Well for me... I'm in the 2nd. group.
Circle lenses I already tried are the Geo Angel Blue and the Geo Angle Black
... the blue one... I REALLY loved it but the black one really didn't suite me (my eyes are black by nature but have the same seize as the lenses.. so it really makes no difference)
This time I'm really unsure about the lenses.
Should I try the green one... or maybe the blue ones once again?
Maybe both??

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Nails (*^3^)/ ~ ☆

Ok so again (and again and again and agaiiiin ~ 2PM ) I have to appologize for really not posting for a loooong long time. It really feels like it's been ages. m(_ _)mごめんええええ.
So how about taking a look at my nails?

[4 fingers...]

[...aaaand the thumb]

[Used essence black and white nail polish in 02 WHITE HYPER for the white base; essence multi dimension 3 in 1 nail polish with XXXL shine in 20 FATAL for the black prints; the used stamping platte is M11 of Konad]
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Circle Lenses ~

I think most of you know them already, don't you?
Circle Lenses??
I bought some and they arrived a few days ago :DD
FINALLY! [after 2 weeks or even more..v___v]
I bought the korean version:

geo circle lense nudy blue
geo circle lense nudy black (or something like that..??)

The blue ones are soooo cute x3
The thing is, when you wear them they don't appear SO BLUE ... (my iris is black) but it's LOVABLE for takin' pictures :33

The black ones are also very cute :3 but they are the other way around... you can't really see a difference on pictures but while wearing them your eyes look AMAZINGLY big, gorgeous and sparkling. (although my own eyes REALLY aren't that small)

Both lenses have their benefits and disadvantages.. but i'm still happy i bought them!
... Think i'm gonna but some pictures of my lenses in here soon :3

tag : circle lenses black blue geo kawaii color colour soft korean

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