「New Shoes」♡

I see... it's been a long time
How you guys doing?
I just recognized I still had pictures of those shoes I wanted to post...
Actually to say "new shoes" is wrong already... I've worn them quiet often by now. But still I like them and I think they definetelly fit to this season!
So here you go

[to see the full size click on image :3]



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Handbag LOVE ♡

You people know the very ordinary handbag? The Longchamp handbag?
It's very common to wear them. I already had one for 2 years. In size M ... beige coloured. (I still use it!)
But another problem of mine is... that I HAVE TO buy a new school bag EVERY year. (Last year I had a George Gina & Lucy bag in marine blue)
So this year I decided to get a new, bigger Longchamp handbag for school. The M size is alright... but not for a big folder! Also you can fold the bag up when you dun want to use it.
I really like it's colour (I'm almost always REALLY conservativlly dressed! )
The colour is something between baby blue and grey. :3
So, ladies and gentlemen... here is it:
(:3 DRAMAAAA!! ~)

[click on the picture to get the full image! :3]

(This is the fold up bag)


(This is the backside of the bag)


(This is the frontside of the bag)


tag : longchamp size L handbag george gina and & lucy

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S.U.M.M.E.R. '10

By the weather getting warmer I also warm up a bit inside :P
Reading magazines and getting a touch of torquoise blue oceans, 5 stars hotels, big cities, clubbing nights with the girls or hot summer nights at a nice beach party. . .
Also there's the second Sex & the City movie coming up this Thursday. I'm looking SO forward to this (also because it is a "break" in the examen... I'm not allowed to go out this weekend T_T).
This summer feeling totally got me and I wanna share a bit of it with you guys :P
You remember my last fashion update? You might take another look on it. I've got a few new things to add:
Boyfriend hats (still got mine from last year, Tokyo :D)
USED JEANS! Not only as pants but also as shirts, waistcoats etc... (don't forget to build a contrast!)
Destroyed jeans (pants). Can be in boyfriend style but also in slim! (Already got one :D)
NO FRINGES! I LOVE IT! My 70 cm hair survived the fringe-season last year! :D Didn't cut them! Now fringes are out again! I knew that!
>> The other good thing about hair this time is that you can have them straight or curly. The main point is they look natural! (Which is very happy for my curly hair :D)
>> Also you should stick to natural hair colours... nothing orange or so :O (You don't wanna look like a carrot head ne? xD)
>> This braided ponytails are also very in this year. I think I won't wear them. At least not in my city (it's such a small town >_<'!)
Sun glases? Still casual Ray Ban. But also other shapes! It should be oversize (only if it fits your face!). For me... I'm thinking about getting this Miu Miu
As shoes I might get Tommy Hilfiger this year. :) But maybe with a bit more blue :D

S.U.M.M.E.R. C.A.N. C.O.M.E. !

It's ok... 8 days and I'll be done! But 'till then I've got examen in: Maths, Informatics, English, Biology, 2x Physics (one is orally), Japanese, Persian and also a piano concert (PUNCH IN DA FACE!)
But I'll survive! 'Cause afterwards it's PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!
And in one months summer holidays will finally start
I might fly to Turkey with a very close friend :D He's looovely! And absolutelly a dream of any girl ;D (Still single, ladies! Come and get him!)

tag : summer vacation exam examen test sex and the city &

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Stylish Again !

My grandma is here at the moment and as you can imagine I'm getting good money ;PP
So I took a look at the Mango store and found a WONDERFUL dark blue jacket. It's short and in boyfriend style. I love it! I'll wear it with a long oversized white shirt and dark tight jeans or jeans shorts, with my hair in a high bun and big round glases! It's fantastic!
Omg.. next Tuesday I'll fly to Milan for 3 days. It's gonna be SHOPPING, SHOPPING and SHOPPING!
(My grandma's comin' with us ;D )
Just shopping shoes and bags all the time.
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- / - Diet - / -

ok... after I read this blog entry I noticed that spring is coming up and I really have to go on a diet again!
My head is saying "Hey giiiirl! You're too fat!" to myself! I really hate all the fat I gain in winter. Ok, I'm not overweighted but still I could look better!
I think I should finally wake up and start the diet!
I think I'm gonna drink much much water again (ok I always do) and I'll go to my Taekwon Do class 3 times a week from now on (currently 2x a week , before summer 5x a week!)
My biggest problem is the snow here. It's March already but there's of course still much snow in good, old Germany. -___-
When the snow is finally gone I can go jogging again
So from tomorrow on (it's already about 9pm, so today is useless anyway...) I'll eat NO chocolate or cake or any other kind of sweets anymore!
I think I should start with eating healthy stuff (ok.. I actually do already. Maybe a little less) After that I need one week without eating anything but drinking water and tea (without sugar). After that week eating low fat and healthy food in little portions again.
The most important thing is: S P O R T S
You really can't lose wait without it! And even if you can, it won't look that nice
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