『☆ Circle Lenses ☆』

So this entry is about circle lenses.
To begin with circle lenses are coloured contact lenses with a quite big diameter to enlarge your iris. They come in many different colours, sizes and various patterns.
You can mostly recognize them on asian (girls).

So I purchased my first pair in 2009, which was a black one from GEO. I don't remember the exact name of the lens because I remember I wasn't that satisfied with it. It came out too small for me. Almost the same size as my natural iris but somehow too dark and looked alienish. (Maybe because I only wore them with a little makeup since I didn't use that much makeup when I was 15. So I guess it would look good with darker eyeshadow, a thick eyeliner and maybe even fake lashes.)
And this is what they looked like:


At the same time I purchased the Geo Nudy Blue. These lenses look a BIT more natural since there is no thick black outer ring to give the eye that extra large effect. Also it's only 14mm in diameter.
Although I disliked them I accidently repurchased them again this year, so here is a new photo of me with them:


Both of these lenses are SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE! It huuurts too much!


GEO Nudy Blue:

Colour: 3/5

Enlargement: 1.5/5

Comfort: 2/5

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So this entry is about circle lenses. To begin with circle lenses are coloured contact lenses with
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